How Are Your Posts Performing? Using Stats

If you are really serious with blogging and you may even have a publication plan, you should check regularly your stats in WordPress.

Wordpress stats

Some indicators will appear like Views or Unique Visitors.

Stats my blog

If you want to see the stats for one day, just select it and data will update. You will see further down the Referrers (sites that point towards your blog), as well as a nice map showing where your Views and Visitors, or your Likes were done for the selected day.

Stats my blog 2

Hope this serves you and there is more to it here



Widgets & Menus: What They Are & How Can I Use Them?

Menus are navigational aids. Any site or blog have it, either on top, on the side or sometimes hidden in top right or left corner.

Widgets are pieces of content that appear on a blog or site, both in menus, sidebars or footer… They are a MUST to any blog/site and they are available in WordPress.

Here’s a short and simple tutorial on Widgets, where you’ll find all that you need about it… Hope You’ll enjoy it 🙂

Blog Planning: Basics & Templates

If you are starting with a blog, there are some basics you must ensure.

  1. Have a popular theme for a well-defined public (study it before you start and see what public really wants and how they want to receive it)
  2. Have a list of inspiration sources (follow people and brands on Twitter, Facebook, follow other blogs aso)
  3. Have a blog planner (define what posts you want to write and when you want to write them)
  4. Create specific goals/KPIs (define what type of engagement you seek – clicks, comments, bonding etc.) and frequency of measurement

Just for you to start having a peek in blog planning, here’re a couple of free templates that you may use at the beginning… After a while, you’ll create your own :)!